Brand Development


A brand is an elaborate story that details who or what you are and your value proposition to your target audience. Defining your brand and delivering the right message is the underlying aspect of any successful marketing campaign.

The key to brand development involves identifying what differentiates you from your competition and understanding how to associate these factors to your target consumers’ preferences and behavior patterns. This is not a simple guessing game, let FIRM180 support you with the analytical capabilities to help guide your brand strategy.

Brand Development Stages

Different stages involved in Brand Development are:

  • Initial Brand Assessment

    The foundation to an effective brand strategy is first identifying where you are in terms of branding and where you would like to be

  • Understanding Your Market

    Next is conducting a market analysis to identify your target audience and their consumer behavior patterns so that you can deliver the right message

  • Defining Your Brand Identity

    Now you can formulate your story based on the knowledge and insights gained from your brand assessment and market analysis

  • Brand Strategy

    Once you have created your story, you need to devise the right way to tell this story so that your message is delivered appropriately and does not fall on deaf ears

  • Rinse and Repeat

    Developing your brand is a continuous process. Dynamics of your target market and competition are ever-changing; and therefore, you should constantly reassess your brand