Designs (UX/UI)

User Experience (UX) is a person’s interaction with a website, mobile app or any other IT system. User Interface (UI) is everything designed into that website, mobile app or system.

At FIRM180 we believe that these two are inseparable. Our design department works closely with our development team to make sure that we build user friendly technologies that are easy on the eye!


One solution for all devices.

Want a website that optimizes its layout when viewed on a phone or tablet? Our design team can provide you with a responsive website design that adapts to the screen resolution of any device; whether PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.


First impressions are everything.

Your website represents your brand. Often times a website is the first purview that the public eye has to who you are and what you represent. FIRM180 will partner with you to design attractive, original, and eye-catching websites. Our design team has a solid reputation of building award winning sites.


Creating brand value begins with identity.

We first help identify the core value that makes your brand unique. Next we translate these values into a compelling story that defines your brand identity across all platforms. The end result is a brand that stands out from the rest.


Applications at the palm of your hand.

Our design team has built the layouts for many attractive mobile apps. Our designers work closely with our mobile developers and programmers from the initial wireframe to the launch date in order to ensure that the app is designed to perfection.