Product Innovation

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Product Innovation can be defined as the development and market introduction of a new, redesigned or substantially improved good or service by a business firm.

Focused on the core challenges of managing product development in unpredictable markets, our program prepares you to develop innovative products and processes by identifying and leveraging new opportunities. You will leave with the latest tools and strategies to manage today’s diverse risks and to position your company for future success.

Product Innovation at FIRM180

  • Product Ideation

    FIRM180 is at the forefront of web services technology. Our thought leadership can leverage our purview of the technology landscape to identify opportunities for business growth and new business models that will positively impact your bottom line. Furthermore, our competency in market analytics will empower you to develop the proper business strategies and deployment models.

  • Product Life Cycle Management

    Our team of program managers, market analysts, and developers can serve as your workforce in managing and executing the development process of your product life cycle. From pricing strategies and web-based deployment and promotion models in the introduction stage to market and competitor analysis in the maturity and decline stages, FIRM180 is here to guide you through the life of your new good or service ideas.