Web App Development


The web provides you with the means to seamlessly expand the reach of your business through a virtual environment. Web applications capitalize on this capability by providing meaningful business functions that are accessible from your website domain. Whether you are seeking to develop an interactive consumer application to go to market or build out an internal management tool to enhance the operational efficiency of your business and employees, FIRM180 has the development capabilities necessary to realize your needs.

The main advantages of using web applications are as follows :

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    Accessibility - Web apps are easily accessible and can be displayed on any end-user machine or mobile device with internet access.

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    Commercialization – Market research studies suggest that consumers are more likely to utilize web apps over native apps because they are more readily available through the internet.

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    Cost – Web apps have lower development costs than native apps. A web app can be accessed on any platform via the web browser due to HTML standardization. Native apps would have to be developed individually for each platform and operating system.

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    Cross-Platform – Web apps are platform agnostic; meaning your web app will be functional for users on Windows and Mac, or even mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

Why trust us for your Web App :

  • 1. Usability

    Our designers and developers will partner with you to ensure that your application is user-friendly and fully meets the needs and requirements that you specify.

  • 2. Architecture

    Our database developers will structure the proper information architecture to support the back-end of your application.

  • 3. Understanding

    Our project managers will communicate with you to ascertain that your application is developed to your requirements and specifications.

  • 4. Scalability

    Our development wireframes allow for scalability, giving you the flexibility to enhance your working application and add new functionality as needed.

  • 5. Assurance

    Our quality of work is proven by our developers’ experience in web app projects. FIRM180 will partner with you to assure that you receive a functional web application that meets your requirements and needs.